Unit 41 Agreement Between Subject And Verb

As the group acts as a unit and does not have a fraction or a percentage, you write: “A group of cowboys sits at the campfire.” If the medical team is responsible as a group, not as individuals, they act as a unit, and the team is unique. If it is a sandbox, a singular verb must be used. In addition, our rule 1 of number writing says: “Spell out all the numbers starting a sentence.” To be consistent, we recommend spelling both digits. The term “one in fifteen” does not require dashes. Then write, “One in 15 people in Wisconsin don`t have health insurance.” With a collective nostun, the author will generally determine whether he acts as a unit or a group of many. A plural noun that follows the preposition of leaves opens up the possibility of a plural verb. Your interpretation makes your second example acceptable. In the case of the song GREEN, GREEN GRASS OF HOME, where the phrase “And there to meet me is my mom and dad” seems to treat “mom and dad” as a unit (a couple – is a unit), but one by one as mom and dad should be plural, right? 2. The Mock Trial team was satisfied with their interventions before the judge.

The singular verb was and pronoun it is used when the author intends to convey that the team members were generally all satisfied with the presentations. OR The fictitious trial team was satisfied with his intervention before the judge. The pluralistic verb and pronoun it is used when the writer intends to convey that there are some disagreements within the team, but overall they were satisfied with the presentations. Since you have several themes in your sentence, use the plural verb. In addition, many publishers would remove the comma after “life.” The nouns that designate a unit take individual verbs and pronouns: class, committee, crowd, family, group, herd, jury, orchestra, team. Some examples of application: the Committee meets to set its agenda. The jury returned its verdict. A herd of cattle was sold.

Team names and music group names that are plural take plurals. The Yankees are in first place. The Jonas Brothers are popular. Team or group names without plural forms also take plural verbs: the Miami Heat are fighting for third place. Other examples: Orlando Magic, Oklahoma City Thunder, Utah Jazz. Many singular names take singular verbs: Coldplay is on tour. Boston is a playoff favorite. The cardinal is in the NCAA tournament. But some proper names, which are plural in form, adopt a singular verb: Brooks Brothers holds a sale.